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My name is Jeffrey Vernimmen, and I am the driving force behind People Made to Move. As a coach and trainer, I have one passion: guiding people towards a life in which they bring out the best in themselves, mentally, energetically, and physically.

My journey began with a deep dive into the rich wisdom of the Indonesian martial art “Pencak Silat.” This ancient discipline has illuminated my path and led me to a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. Since I was 20, I have also been inspired by (Muay Thai) Kickboxing. It was wonderful to let loose on both the bag and the pads with my favorite trainers “Bee,” also the owner of the gym in Pai, Thailand: charnchaimuaythai.com. In 2015, I spent two months training in a small picturesque village called Pai. There, I not only enjoyed the intense pad workouts in 40-degree Celsius heat but also the delicious Thai food and the incredibly kind local people.

Another essential inspiration on my journey is Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, an authentic guru from Tantrayana Buddhism, an ancient Tibetan teaching that promotes healing and well-being. He has a strong relationship with Lu Jong, an ancient Tibetan movement practice. Lu Jong is an integral part of the Vajrayana tradition, one of the main branches within Tibetan Buddhism.

Through the combination of meditative practices, breath exercises, and physical movements from Lu Jong, I teach my clients to harmonize with their body and mind. It is a journey of self-discovery that leads to a deeper understanding of one’s own abilities and limits.

There, I not only discovered the power of mindfulness but also the art of finding balance in the tumult of modern life. These insights formed the basis of my coaching approach, drawing from ancient wisdom to help people discover and harness their inner strength.

Your journey starts here!

  • Lu Jong tibetan healing yoga

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Boxing/KickBoxing

  • NLP (KickChange)

  • Breathwork
  • Mantra Sound Healing

  • Mindfullness

  • Meditation

  • Filosofical debating

People are Made to Move

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